Say “you smell nice” or stay focused!

So the young man felt like passing a compliment after his interview saying “you smell nice” and the “boss lady” interviewer took it the wrong way.

So, What’s her bad!

It’s a formal and serious interview situation and the young man should have known better.

Now, let’s flip this

Do female job seekers dare compliment male interviewers like “you smell nice?”

I haven’t heard of any such case, if you have please tell me if it earned her the job. sexual harassment or both.

So why did the guy think he could say that and it’s fine?

Is that a case of, I can say anything at any time just because I’m a man and it’s fine?

The other side of the table is quite fluid though

Yes, an interviewer can say that and its probably fine. I heard of a case where a lady interviewer told a young man that the atmosphere changed immediately he stepped in the room. More like, “you smell terrible” and ” did you use a roll today ?”. Interviewers sha…

Compliments do work, only sometimes

Oh, I heard from someone who got his job because he passed a nice compliment on the lady interviewer who took it nicely.

So, passing compliments actually work but not all the time. I think he was just lucky.

Feminists take compliments differently

In fairness to the young man in this case , maybe he said that on a light note with the best intentions. But he probably forgot that a feminist wouldn’t take that on face value. Costly assumption!

Let me tell you how a feminist is wired.
Her immediate thought would be that he wanted to play on her weak side as a female, to con her with the compliment and get the job. So she lashes out, “you are rude”, as a defence mechanism and everyone is calling her out all over the social media…haba!

Know the rules, Speak less, act right always

In any case, let’s not forget there are ethics and etiquette as well as boundaries or parameters especially in formal settings. A rule of thumb is to be reserved and professional from the minute you step in the room until you exit.

This scenerio should come as a lesson to all. In the work place, it’s best not to say or act in any way that may be misunderstood. She’s got nothing to lose except this social media bashing that she brought on by making this public but the young man shot himself in the foot by outrightly losing the job he hadn’t even gotten.

Who’s the loser here?

Be wise, stay FOCUSED!

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