How to start a successful Radio/ TV – 7


Setting the structure of your show (1)

Would you prefer a show with segments or not?

Its only normal to opt for a straightforward show that just sends the message and that’s all.

“Afterall, it’s an interview programme”.

“I have just a short time so there’s no point crowding the time with different things “.

“Oh, how do I sustain variety. Better not to start what I can’t finish ”

These arguments reflect why many shows on TV/ Radio just flow on one wavelength throughout.

This is not to say that non-segmented programs don’t work.


Non-segmented programs are great!

Take for instance, paper reviews and perhaps, interviews.

Interviews work any day because they are interactive and audiences are likely to watch throughout unlike when its just the presenter dishing out information.

Note : If the setting of a program allows a presenter talk alone throughout a program, the station is most definitely going to lose audiences. Such a program will be long-winding and very boring.


But just before you make up your mind about going for a non-segmented show, see NEXT.


How to start a successful Radio/ TV show series continues ……….

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