How to start a successful Radio/ TV – 8


Setting the structure of your show (2)

Creativity makes the difference

With the growing number of media houses across Nigeria, the competition is real. And to think that the media industry is global, in every sense, with the growth of cable television, it becomes extremely important to structure programs uniquely.

Statioms thrive on the strength of their programming. By that you know that a stations may die when programming is weak and bland.

It is not out of place, therefore, to break the stereotype that applies to programs. This applies even to press reviews and interviews. Simply moving things around or getting creative about it may just be your magic wand.


Productions are evolving, yours should

You will find that the media world is fast moving to productions with movement and sponteneity. This applies not just to films but TV productions as well.

In any case, if you must do one thing throughout the show, you can infuse a bit of “Jim Jim” effect (if you know what I mean).
There are different ways to get creative about your one-way production.


Inserts do the magic

Features/ reports: You could either package a feature or throw in a report (this may even be a production by someone else in your establishment but do well to obtain permission before use) that speaks to the topic for discussion.


If this is creatively done, it tells that the program was well thought out and structured and further enriches the program. This can be done even on a live show, just call for the package and it drops.


Want more creative ideas for a richer production?



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