PREVIOUS EPISODE   The traffic slowed down a little as they left Brysfield.  Eliburg was a much smaller town, but beautiful and green.  Most of the houses were the usual country houses with gardens, but some modern houses could be spotted here and there.  Bare-footed children, ranging from six to ten years old, could be […]

How to battle depression – survivors speak

Societal pressure, personal targets, financial pressure and the feeling of emptiness are major causes of depression identified by panelists at an event tagged Dealing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: Unmasking Your Pain held in Lagos on Tuesday.   The panelists expressed concern about the increasing cases of suicide and depression across Nigeria, against the backdrop […]

How you can enjoy constant power supply in Nigeria

“Up Nepa!!! Someone once made a joke that babies in Nigeria learn the art of speaking with that expression. Well, that’s the usual chorus whenever power supply is restored after a long time in Nigeria. But beyond mere words, the expression holds a deeper meaning. There’s a widespread mentality of defeat and helplessness among Nigerians […]