Nigerian Media mostly insincere- Social Commentator


I had an off-the-record frank interaction with a guest I interviewed recently.

I made the decision to share this for media professionals to take note of how they are perceived by the enlightened population.


The man expressed deep sadness that top media houses in Nigeria appear uninterested in aiding real-time development in the country.

Describing the Nigerian Media as mostly insincere, he said, “they are only after picking bits and pieces of comments from commentators. Then, they take the information to their “coven” to drive viewership and gain cheap popularity.”

“That’s why I don’t go to those stations. They are only interested in putting words in your mouth so they can read meanings as they wish.”


He offered advice on how journalists can maintain professional conduct.

“Journalism should be sincere, especially the process of interviewing. It should be driven towards finding answers, getting a headway, proffering solutions.”

“Regrettably, on most top stations in Nigeria, we only see heated banters that end without you picking out anything meaningful. Those stations are part of the problem.”



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