How to start a successful Radio/ TV show – 6


Another approach to getting the right title for your show is to go with a word or “coinage” that resonates well with your target audiences.

It wouldn’t be out of place to title a musical show in line with evolving dance styles. Including words like Shoki, Dab, Skelewu or even Shuffle in the title of a Jivy musical show that celebrates Nigerian music.

However, when the dance style goes out of fashion, the show may be seen to be “outdated” as well.


It might work best to keep it evergreen by using words that do not allude to trends.

You may decide to get an esoteric title if that works for you. A word that draws its spice from its unusualness might offer a great twist. Maybe, a native language that holds meaning related to the theme of your show. We still can’t get over “Goge Africa”, can we? Well, that’s what I’m talking about.

Settle for that title that is just appropriate without promising too much. You want to leave room for the “wow factor”, that’s after you deliver even more value than expected.

— How to start a successful Radio/ TV show series continues ……….


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