How to start a successful Radio/ TV show – 5


How to cull just the right title for your show

So it’s time to get that title that cuts through the noise and ensures that you stand out, right!


A good place to start is to write down some keywords related to the theme or subject of the overall show.

Take for instance, for a musical show you might come up with Music, Rhythm, Sound, Mix, Genres (Reggae, Blues, Rock), Melody, Tune and more.

Then, you can determine the exact mood you intend to create or offer your listeners or simply herald the atmosphere.

Words like Vibes, crystal, thrill, trail, tab, flow, sail, sweet, tickles, sooth, jive and much more.


A creative mix of your preferred picks from the two sets could be just the right title for your musical show.

It’s very much the same approach for other kinds of programmes but there’s a lot of room for creativity and something out of the box as you will find in the next post.


— How to start a successful Radio/ TV show series continues ……….


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